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Unlike most people, my journey with cooking did not begin at home, it wasn't the experience people speak of, cooking with their grandma or mother. It was actually my best friend who first started to encourage me to cook, and little by little I realized that it's enjoyable, and I started to take a liking to cooking with my mother. It was she who taught me the art of baking, and I have very fond memories of us making cakes, and petit fours together. It was when I got married though and had my own kitchen that I really began to flourish. My favorite dishes to make are Ma7shi wara2 3einab, and 7awawshi, which I am now famous for! As much as I love Egyptian cuisine, I also now enjoy discovering and using new spices from around the world to give my dishes a special twist. And so, armed with my passion for the kitchen and good food, I now join Mumm, and hope to bring a smile to your tummy when you eat my food :)

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EGP 34.00

Chicken with pomegranate Syrup & Basmati Rice with Vegetables- Medium plate

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EGP 58.00

Lesan asfour with kobiba

EGP 61.00

Mix appetizers(Sambosak,kobiba and mombar)

EGP 64.00

Chicken Caesar Salad

EGP 16.00

Yogurt salad

EGP 51.00

Caesar Salad

EGP 51.00

Pasta Salad

EGP 55.00

Fattouch Salad

EGP 57.00

Chicken Mushroom & Lemon Sauce, with Rice

EGP 60.00

Chicken with pomegranate Syrup & Basmati Rice with Vegetables - Large plate

EGP 55.00

Pasta with hot dog

EGP 47.00

Cannelloni - chicken

EGP 56.00

Cannelloni - Mince Meat

EGP 55.00


EGP 41.00

Hawawshi with Green Salad