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Howida's kitchen

I am a mother of girl & boy and cooking has always been my passion that's why I was very keen to learn every single trick from my mom as she was a super cook. "

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EGP 60.00

Mixed spring roll(chicken & cheese) with sweet chili sauce (4piece)

EGP 68.00

Vine leaves with chicken pane

EGP 56.00

Tajine orzo with chicken

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EGP 73.00

Chicken fajita bechamel with salad

EGP 55.00

Mixed mahshy with chicken pane

EGP 65.00

Tajine orzo with meat and green salad

EGP 58.00

Tajine orzo with meat

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EGP 57.00

Zucchini bechamel with vermicelli rice