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Hasnaa's Kitchen

"Hello,I'm Hasnaa It gives me the pleasure to thank u for allowing me to join Mumm's Team for cooking.I'm very excited to cook delicious and tasty recipes.My goal is to introduce a food-menu for people and to show my happiness through the food I make and since you can't live a full life on an empty stomach, you can now order clean home food cooked with love and care.So stay safe and order our delicious food at Mumm and get it delivered to your door step at Giza& Cairo Thanks in advance for your kindness

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EGP 74.00

Chicken Tandoori with White Rice & Yogurt Salad

EGP 108.00

Chicken Stroganoff White Creme Sauce & Mushroom with White Rice & Green Salad

EGP 68.00

Sticks Shish Tawook with Basmati Rice

EGP 70.00

Chicken Fajita with Basmati Rice

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EGP 86.00

Double Chicken Burger Sandwich with Fried Fries

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EGP 117.00

Double Beef Burger Sandwich with Fried Fries

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