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Hanaa's kitchen

Hello, my name is Hanaa, a mother of three amazing children. For many years now I've been in love with cooking. The kitchen has become the place where I feel most comfortable and satisfied. I greatly enjoy trying out new recipes until I eventually create the perfect one. My children are the most important thing in my life and they were the main incentive for me to cook food that was healthy and at the same time very delicious. I wanted them to stay away from junk and fast food and so I had to find an alternative and that is how I started searching and inventing many of my recipes. I thankfully succeeded to make my children love homemade food and stay healthy and I hope you enjoy my recipes like my family does.

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EGP 65.00

Spaghetti pasta with chicken breast coverd with mozzarella cheese (1 p)

EGP 77.00

Bechamel pasta with shish tawook

EGP 55.00

Molokhia with chicken and white rice

EGP 55.00

Egyptian fatah with mombar

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EGP 81.00

Egyptian fatah with meat

EGP 77.00

Dawood basha with basmati rice with carotts and peas

EGP 87.00

Okra with meat and rice with vermicelli