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What is mumm about?

At mumm, our Massively Transformative Purpose is to “Make healthy nutrition available for everyone through spreading entrepreneurship (through being a platform)”. What we do everyday is “We enable home-based women with the right tools to create sustainable job opportunities for themselves from the convenience of their homes while ensuring they are equipped with the right tools to deliver quality safe tasty food”.

For our customers We are breaking the Paradox between ordering Junk Food that is cheap (not anymore) and good food that is super expensive. We aim to provide Good Food with Good Nutrition without being super expensive for our target market. Mumm is a Responsible business that has a double bottom line, Profit and Impact. We make sure that they move hand in hand.

Why we go to work everyday? The reason you’ll want to work with us.

As a responsible business we are touching lives everyday, we are leaving an impact in the world we live in and are challenged with new opportunities and problems to solve everyday, this is why we primarily wake up in the morning and come to work. We build value and make profit along the way.

At mumm we are creating a new market altogether, the market for homemade food. We are challenging the Status Quo, redefining how things are done and coming up with innovative solutions that fits our innovative model. We do not follow the herd, we are leading the pack.

We are always challenging each other to come up with the best solution to a problem. A diverse passionate group of young people who love to learn and push their boundaries to the next level.

Who do we want to attract and work with?

When recruiting at Mumm- We don't look at where you went to school or what were your grades, we skip right to your extra-curricula and volunteer work. We look for people who wants to be challenged with new problems, get excited to solve them and are addicted to the rush of winning when a problem is solved. People who want to be part of a team, something bigger than every individual, while each person is great in his contribution to the team. We look for people who challenge us, despite being junior or senior, analytical and has their eye on the ball.

We look for people who want to build on their strengths, explore new ones and enhance their weaknesses. People who want to learn & grow personally and professionally and have this as a priority. People we can have as friends, eat together, travel together and build our dream together. A winning passionate team.