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Lamiaa (Family & Frozen)

Since childhood, I have loved not only cooking, but I also very much enjoyed talking about food. I first learnt the art of cooking from my mom, but eventually I would start reading books, and searching the internet for information. I started to experiment and change recipes until eventually I was able to create my own, and my family was always a source of encouragment for me and my cooking

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EGP 163.00

Chicken pane (1 kilo)

EGP 158.00

Shish tawook (1 kilo)

EGP 151.00

Kofta pane (1 kilo)

EGP 125.00

Zucchini bechamel(from 4 to 5 people)

EGP 158.00

Mousakaa with minced meat (4 to 55 people)

EGP 150.00

Negresco( from 4 to 5 people)

EGP 150.00

Bechamel pasta (4 to 5)

EGP 153.00

Rokak with minced meat (4 to 5 people)


EGP 40.00

Sambosak cheese (15 pieces)

EGP 60.00

Kobiba (10 pieces)

EGP 117.00

Potato kofta (15 pieces)