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Laila's Kitchen(Family & Frozen)

Hi I am Laila, I love my kitchen and I consider it is my kingdom. My passion for cooking started 20 years ago when my kids wanted to try fast food, so I was keen to make the same food with better quality at home to encourage them to eat healthy food. With time, I started my family and friends started requesting that I do catering services for their parties or any big events. Then my children advised me to join mumm and here we go... please don't hesitate to try my food I am sure you would like it!

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EGP 95.00

Canneloni stuffed with mozzarella sticks and luncheon (5 pieces)

EGP 66.00

Mix mahshy( eggplant , zucchini and pepper)( 1 kilo)

EGP 75.00

Green beans 1/2 kilo

EGP 38.00

Tomya (3 to 4 people)

EGP 66.00

Mix beans salad (1/2 kilo)

EGP 106.00

Cordon blue chicken (4 pieces)

EGP 125.00

Whole grilled chicken

EGP 208.00

Grilled kofta (1 kilo)

EGP 175.00

Mincet meat (1 kilo)

EGP 153.00

Rokak with minced meat

EGP 141.00

Golash with minced meat (4 to 6 people)

EGP 75.00

Vine leaves (1 kilo)

EGP 158.00

Mousakaa with minced meat (4 to 6 people)


EGP 136.00

Shish tawook (1 kilo)

EGP 84.00

Cordon blue chicken (4 pieces)

EGP 186.00

Chicken roll with veggies (mash potato&peas)

EGP 107.00

Whole grilled chicken

EGP 171.00

Meat Fajita (1 kilo)

EGP 64.00

Vine leaves (1 kilo)

EGP 128.00

Mousakaa with minced meat (4 to 6 people)