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Lamiaa's kitchen

Since childhood, I have loved not only cooking, but I also very much enjoyed talking about food. I first learnt the art of cooking from my mom, but eventually I would start reading books, and searching the internet for information. I started to experiment and change recipes until eventually I was able to create my own, and my family was always a source of encouragment for me and my cooking

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EGP 71.00

Chicken roll with fries

EGP 63.00

Chicken strips with fries

EGP 73.00

Chicken strips with pasta red sauce

EGP 70.00

Indian chicken with rice

EGP 65.00

Mexican chicken with curry rice

EGP 67.00

Saudi kabsa with pickled tomato ( chicken )

EGP 69.00

Bolognaise pasta

EGP 68.00

Negresco and green salad