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Kariman's kitchen

"Hi, I'm Kariman ,mother three youth Sherif,Adam and Hussein and grandmother of three beautiful children, Malek, Malika and Rayan. My husband is a technical consultant for a big factory in 6th October area. He is from the old school of long working hours and hard work, he goes out each day at 8a.m and returns 8p.m. My children Sherif and Adam also lead very busy lives. This is when I started having free time, and thought, why not do something useful? That's when I got the idea to make lunch for my husband and sons to take to enjoy at the office. As time passed, I started having lunch and dinner parties and that's when they started to encourage me to turn my new found passion for food, into a source of income. I started to search and came across the Mumm facebook page, I called them a nd step by step we worked together on building my profile. I have learnt a lot in the process of recipe testing and costing, and I hope to keep learning and growing with the Mum m team! "

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