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Hey, I'm a proud mother of 3 kids, graduated with a degree in Applied Arts as a textile printing engeer, really enjoyed working that field for a number of years. I have a passion for cooking that is profound in my character since i'm very young since i used to learn alot of techniques and recipes from my mom. It all started when i started doing Cakes, cupcakes and 3D cakes. My degree helped me alot in perfecting the food decoration. I started pursuing my passion even further by doing 3D cakes for Birthdays and people really liked my cakes so this gave me a push forward. I decided to develop myself and learn more and more recipes from different cuisines and thank god everytime i cook food for a gathering people really praise it. Everyday i learn something new, new challenge, new recipe and further on.

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EGP 49.00

Lentil salad

EGP 69.00

Greek salad with grilled chicken breast

EGP 58.00

Mexican rice with chicken pieces and green salad (spicy )

EGP 74.00

Fish with lemon sauce

EGP 64.00

Tagine pasta with barbecue sauce (hotdog and mix cheese)and green salad

EGP 58.00

Sandwich alexander liver with fries and pickle and tahini salad(spicy)

EGP 69.00

Grilled Chicken Pasta Salad

EGP 69.00

Grilled kofta with baked potato & green salad