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EGP 79.00

Creamy spinach chicken with rice

EGP 88.00

Chinese chicken with Pasta

EGP 66.00

Chicken mandi with yellow rice

EGP 56.00

Chicken barbecue with rice

EGP 72.00

Lemon-chicken drumsticks with pasta

EGP 75.00

Chicken roll with basmati rice with carrots and peas

EGP 68.00

Chicken Negresco

EGP 64.00

Grilled drumstickes with grilled veggy and light past

EGP 70.00

Shish tawook with basmati yellow rice and potato salad

EGP 61.00

Yellow basmati rice and chicken pane with sambosak & Kofta borghol

EGP 75.00

Chinese beef with white rice

EGP 75.00

Beef with onion with white rice

EGP 70.00

Grilled kofta with basmati rice with peas &carrots

EGP 59.00

chicken strips with fries and bread

EGP 77.00

Orzo tajin with liver & qawanis & pickels

EGP 66.00

Prosted Chicken with Fries and Bread