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Magada's kitchen

I’m a housewife and a proud mother of 2. Cooking and food is a passion of mine especially that it makes me feel satisfied when I see it's comforting effect on the society when food is good. This satisfaction I get when i see how happy people are with good food is the main driver behind me investing the time to take my hobby to the next level with Mumm. I always feel as if I’m making the food to one of my family. I always love to hear my customer’s feedback.

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EGP 89.00

Grilled boneless half chicken with sauteed vegetables and green salad

EGP 20.00

Lentil soup with vermicelli

EGP 44.00

Mombar with pickles

EGP 63.00

Chicken pane with pasta red sauce & green salad

EGP 66.00

Borghol kofta with basmati rice and yogurt salad

EGP 65.00

Rice kofta and vermicelli rice with green salad