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Tagen Setto

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EGP 44.00

mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce

EGP 34.00

mombar 8 piece

EGP 36.00

mix appetizers plate

EGP 51.00

chicken breast with sweet potato

EGP 49.00

chicken with green olives and yellow rice

EGP 60.00

Tagen freak with meat and pickle

EGP 60.00

Tagen okra with meat with white rice

EGP 56.00

dawood basha with white rice

EGP 34.00

hawawshi and french fries

EGP 56.00

Rice Kofta with red sauce served with white rice

EGP 52.00

bashamel pasta and chicken panne

EGP 42.00

Maskaa bechamel