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Zeinab's Kitchen

Hello, My name is Zeinab. I’ve inherited the recipes and passion for food from my mother and grandmother. I hope you like the food

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EGP 63.00

Indian spicy chicken with biryani rice

EGP 63.00

Pasta Bolognese with cheese & meat

EGP 23.00

Basmati rice with peas and carrots seasoned

EGP 37.00

1/2 kilo vine leaves

EGP 36.00


EGP 61.00

Rocca salad with mushroom

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EGP 59.00

Greek Salad

EGP 48.00

Tuna pasta salad

EGP 57.00

Basmati rice and grilled chicken

EGP 63.00

moussaka with meat

EGP 54.00

Chicken pane with light pasta

EGP 47.00

Bechamel Pasta

EGP 58.00

Palastinian chicken fatta

EGP 58.00

Chicken fajita and yellow basmati rice

EGP 56.00

Grilled kofta,basmati rice and tehina

EGP 50.00

Rice kofta, rice with vermicelli and green salad

EGP 69.00

1/2 grilled chicken with sauteed vegetables /salad


EGP 208.00

Potato tray with meat (4 persons )

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