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Reham's Kitchen

I am Reham, I'm a graduate of faculty of arts. I worked in this profession for a while till I realized that I like cooking more than anything in the world. so, I prepared a masters in cooking, and worked with professional chefs in different hotels. Now, I decided to start my own restaurant through Mumm, I hope you like my recipes.

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EGP 82.00

Syrian Chicken Fatta

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EGP 85.00

Butter Chicken with potatoes & rice

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EGP 113.00

Hamam Stuffed with Fereek with Yogurt Salad

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EGP 78.00

Molokheya with Vermicelli Rice and 1/4 Chicken

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EGP 98.00

Tuna Pasta Salad with Mixed Beans

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EGP 94.00

Potato Croquette with Chicken Pane & Pomegranate Salad

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