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"Kiki's Kitchen Hi my name is Kiki and I love pasta. I believe that pasta goes to the heart more than any other food. With pasta you can combine all kinds of food with your favorite ingredients whereas you can't with any other dishes. Growing up in an Italian household, I have watched my grandmother cook for years and that's where my passion had started. Later on, my grandmother and her family expanded and established the most popular Italian restaurant in Egypt called Capri during the 60s and 70s which was mastered by great Italian chefs. As a family tradition, family secret recipes are passed on among the generations and I was lucky to have a few of which. Through Mumm I can offer you pasta with very delicious and exclusive taste that no one can compete in town cooked with fresh herbs directly fetched from my garden and healthy ingredients. Order my pasta and sure it will go to your heart.

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EGP 93.00

Hamam Stuffed rice with Tahini and Green salad

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EGP 67.00

Chicken arabiata pasta

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EGP 84.00

Chicken fettuccine alfredo with mushroom & parmesan

EGP 64.00

Spaghetti bolognaise

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EGP 76.00

Thai Chicken Fettuccine

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EGP 81.00

Meat Lasagne

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EGP 91.00

Chicken Pesto Pasta

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EGP 85.00

Meat cannelloni (6 pieces)

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EGP 86.00

Mushroom pesto pasta