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Children are the hardest food critics, they are very hard to please. I’m a mother of 4 beautiful daughters, I’ve always pampered them & prepared each one’s desired meal, now they are all grownup & I’m left with no one to pamper. Be my guest & I’ll pamper you with a variety of delicious meals that your heart desire.

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EGP 56.00

Mahshy mix & Green Salad ( Vegetarian)

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EGP 86.00

Bechamel Pasta with green salad

EGP 88.00

Alfredo pasta

EGP 77.00

Bolognese Pasta with Minced Meat

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EGP 20.00

Lentil Soup with Vermicelli

EGP 88.00

Makloba with chicken & green salad

EGP 54.00

Molokheya with 1/4 chicken & vermicelli rice

EGP 73.00

Rokak with meat & green salad

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EGP 79.00

Mahshy mix with chicken kofta

EGP 45.00

Molokheya & Vermicelli Rice & Green Salad (Vegetarian)

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EGP 83.00

Rice Kofta with Vermicelli Rice & Green Salad

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