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My friends are always curious to try my Lebanese food, and they always claim that the Lebanese food offered in the restaurant is not as good or Lebanese-like as my food, so they told me about the idea to cook and sell my food in order to make a business out of it and also for its delicious taste.

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EGP 53.00

Grilled chicken with vegetables, white rice & tomya sauce

EGP 69.00

Grilled chicken & vegetable pasta with white sauce

EGP 72.00

Chicken mushroom with white sauce and rice

EGP 82.00

Cannelloni with white sauce & Fattoush salad

EGP 72.00

3 manakesh + 1 fattair sausage + 1 meat sambosak + tomya

EGP 76.00

3 kobeba +1 fattair chicken + 1 meat sambosak + tomya

EGP 62.00

3 safiha+1 fattair chicken+1 meat sambosak+1 mankousha

EGP 28.00


EGP 26.00

Mashed potato

EGP 44.00


EGP 25.00

Mix vegetables with mayo sauce

EGP 22.00


EGP 24.00

Green salad with toasted bread

EGP 65.00

Pasta with red sauce and panee