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Faten's kitchen ( frozen and family )

My friends are always curious to try my Lebanese food, and they always claim that the Lebanese food offered in the restaurant is not as good or Lebanese-like as my food, so they told me about the idea to cook and sell my food in order to make a business out of it and also for its delicious taste.

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EGP 83.00

Shish Barak ( 8 pieces)

EGP 41.00


EGP 53.00


EGP 28.00


EGP 41.00

Fatoush salad

EGP 178.00

Chicken mushroom and vegatables with white sauce and rice (from 4 to 5 persons)

EGP 38.00

Mashed potato

EGP 53.00

Mix vegetables with mayo sauce


EGP 74.00

Meat sambosak (10 pieces)

EGP 82.00

Shish Barak (8 pieces)

EGP 57.00

Spinach Pie ( 10 pieces)

EGP 67.00

Meat safiha ( 10 pieces)

EGP 90.00

Kobiba (10 pieces)

EGP 140.00

fattair with chicken (10 pieces)

EGP 157.00

Fattair with oriental sausage 100% (10 pieces)